Transcription Services Rates

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Transcription services rates


Flat $/ min
  • 12-hour turnaround
  • 80-85% accuracy
  • Less than 50% accuracy for poor audio
  • Verbatim only
  • Inaccurate speaker tracking
  • Affected by the speaker's accent
  • Paragraph breaks/punctuation marks


Starting at $ / min
Best Value
  • 48-hour turnaround
  • 98%+ Accuracy
  • Starts at $0.25/min for Audio Time Coding
  • Additional $0.25/min for Verbatim
  • Speaker Tracking
  • Effective Accent Experts
  • Starts at $0.10/min for Multiple Speakers
  • Note: Only spoken English audio is currently supported. Accuracy may be lower for automated transcripts in case of non-American speakers, poor audio quality, distant speakers, distortions, background and/or ambient noise.

Free samples for files within 3 minutes (in English) will be delivered in 6-12 Hours.

File Length Offer Price/minute
More than 20 Hours
30% $0.70
More than 10 Hours
20% $0.80
More than 5 Hours
10% $0.90
Up to 5 Hours
- $1.00
Bulk Orders
Custom offers
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File Length Turnaround Time
Up to 1 hour
2 business days
1 to 2 hours
3 business days
2 to 4 hours
6 business days
4 to 8 hours
8 business days
Rush Delivery
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Note : Different rates apply to US Native Transcribers.

Safe & Secure Payment

Rates for Language Transcription

Source To Source Language Starting from $3.99/min
Source to Target Language Starting from $4.90/min

Note : Rates vary for rare languages.

Value Added Services

We charge a very nominal fee for time stamping (coding) and verbatim transcriptions

Additional Services Rate
Verbatim $0.25/min
Time stamping / Time coding $0.25/min
Legal Transcription
With Case Summary $2/min (Click Here For Sample)
Without Case Summary $2/min (Click Here For Sample)

Comprehensive & Exceptional Services

Speaker Identification Free
Note : (Limited only to 5 speakers)
File Type .AIFF/AIF, .MOV, .CD, .MP3, .MP4, .WMV, .DDS, .AMR, .CAF, .DVD, .FLV, .AVI, .M4A, .MSV, .WMA and other custom formats
Length of the audio Unlimited

Online Transcription Services Rates

Our online transcription services' rates are affordable and most competitive in the industry. Our online transcription at base rate of $0.10/min. We also provide services on the basis of online transcription rates per word and online transcription rates per hour, which most of the clients feel comfortable with.

Transcription Services Rates in New York

We provide you a free quote for your project if you need to know the transcription services' rates in New York. We also provide a 5 minutes of free trial of our transcription for all our new clients.

2 Ways To Calculate Transcription Services Rates

Many reputed service providers follow 2 major ways to estimate the rates for their projects.

Transcription costs per hour: Based on assessing the total cost per 1 hour of audio or video possible through the transcription services rates per hour method.

Transcription costs per minute: Evaluating the input media file’s cost as per 1 minute is the process of quoting the transcription rates per minute.

Stating this, our agency is flexible in terms of all our transcription services costs and follows both the standards for estimating the price, depending upon your input format. We are one among the few agencies to offer cheap transcription rates on significant file projects such as:

✓ Legal transcription
✓ Corporate transcription
✓ Script transcription and more.

Students particularly prefer our academic transcription services for its budget-friendly rates, even with time coding. Note that we even quote audio transcription services rates that are highly affordable on multiple aspects, even for customized input results and rare languages. You can expect cheap-priced transcribing services for common language pairs such as English to Arabic, English to French, including a Spanish transcription order.

NOTE: As a global company, you can check our audio/video transcription rates online, with a free quote in and around your region. For instance, search for ‘ same day transcription near me’ and you are sure to see our name online. You can also do this for other language-specific projects like an Australian or Irish transcription. We cover South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Philippines and more. Regardless of where you stay, our top-notch language transcription services will give you the best value for money.

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