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Transcription Services Rates and Its Pricing Structure

Estimating the transcription services rates from an agency varies across service providers online. It depends upon multiple factors that includes the expertise of the company, language to be transcribed, duration and quality of the input file, type of format (media file) that needs a transcript. Yet, reputed agencies online follow 2 major modes of fixing the transcription rates for a project:

Transcription rates per minute: The total duration of the audio/video file is assessed and the price is fixed by reviewing the total running time per 1 minute.

Transcription rates per hour: The media file is evaluated based on the total hours the audio or video runs.

Our expertise follows the standard of quoting rates for transcription services after evaluating its total minutes. Note that the transcription rates from our agency are comparatively low in the industry, regardless of your language requirement and file format. You can additionally avail budget-friendly prices on verbatim and time-stamped transcripts from us.

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