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9 Reasons How Podcast Transcription Helps to Reach a Wider Audience

More than 124 million population of the US have ever listened to a podcast. It is a combined population of New Zealand, Ireland, Costa Rica, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Chile, and Hong Kong. Podcasts are so popular here that more Americans know what the podcast is than know about the vice president of the country.

They are very popular and has a lot of options to choose from. There are more than 7 million shows and 30 million episodes (till June 2019) available to listen to in more than 100 languages.

Imagine what would happen if your podcast reaches worldwide? It can increase the number of users and grow your audience. Global reach is very important for any business, video channel or podcasts.

Next question that comes to your mind is how to make that reach? The answer is by transcribing your podcast. A transcribed podcast can give you the reach that you are not able to imagine. The 9 reasons to cover up this fact are –

User Experience – As per studies, a huge number of people prefer to skim through the content first and then start listening to a podcast. People have their own preferences and you have to offer them what they like.

By transcribing your podcast, you are giving them a better user experience to make your content available in written form. Transcribed podcast will help you reach an audience interested in the written form of your content and hence will increase your reach.

Listener Engagement – Smartphones are the number 1 medium for podcast consumption. Also, 51% of people don’t listen to podcasts at home. These two are the major reasons of less engagement and thus, around 20% of people end up without listening to the whole episode.

If you want your listeners to sit back, and listen to your podcast, transcribing your podcast can help you out. This is not only going to increase the listening time but also going to engage more people, hence increasing the reach.

Reading vs Listening – For things like entertainment listening is perfectly fine. Nobody will prefer reading a punch instead of listening to it. But when it comes to things like Health or News and Politics, which among at the top 5 most popular podcasting genres, reading is preferred.

Many people prefer reading over listening and when it comes to informative things, reading is easier, as you can get back to the information you missed on the first go. Converting your podcasts into transcribes will also engage people who prefer reading things.

Get More Out of it – You can get most of your blogs and can reach more audience by transcribing your podcast episodes and publishing them as blogs. By publishing your episodes, you are giving your audience all the information in written form. They can access that whenever they wish to. Blogs are easily shareable too.

Non-English Speaking People – Around 66% of US residents don’t prefer speaking English at home. Out of which, around 40% of people either don’t speak English at all or are not good at it. This is not with US alone. There is a wide range of population in the world who don’t speak English.

By transcribing your podcast and translating it into different languages will help in reaching the audience which don’t speak English.

Language Learning – Transcribing and translating your podcast episodes can also be used as a language learning tool. Nowadays, people prefer fun and interesting ways to learn a new language and transcribed podcast can be one of them.

Here, your transcribed podcast will help the language learner and hence end up gaining some more audience for you.

Disabled People – You can increase your audience reach by reaching deaf or hard of hearing people. The only way to reach them is through transcripts. They can easily get the information from your podcast by reading the transcripts.

Social Media Sharing – 94% of podcast listeners are active on at least one social media channel… And sharing podcast transcripts on social media is easy. Social media has the power to make your transcript reach millions.

Boost SEO – The search engines don’t consider the images or audios while making a search. It includes texts, meta title and meta description in the search.

Transcribing your podcast will convert them into text and then the search engines can include them in the search results. If your content is up there in the top search results, then it is going to get attention from a wider range of audience.


For getting more reach using the transcripts of your podcast, always opt for a professional podcast transcription service provider like Amazing Transcript with expert podcast transcribers.


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