Are you looking for accurate and affordable audio transcriptions?

Audio Transcription as defined is the process of converting audio content into written text. This process is usually helpful for those with transcription problems that’s why we proudly bring you our reliable audio transcription services. Our audio transcription services provides top-notch quality transcriptions with 98% accuracy. With our remarkable platform of skillful transcribers, we always served our happy and growing clients with superior satisfaction. With our services, we have never failed to meet our customer’s expectations and for instance exceed them. Having these scenario, we have remained to be on top among other audio transcription companies operating online.

In order to make our client’s transaction with us an enjoyable and memorable one, we always offer cheap audio transcription services. At affordable rates, you can get high quality, safe and confidential transcriptions.  With us, we guarantee 100% protection for all your delicate information and files. Since we are very flexible in attending to your needs, we always accept rush and super rush orders. Having also a good track record in audio and verbatim transcriptions, we make sure that all deliveries of finished transcripts are fast and at the same time hassle-free. On the other hand, transcription from audio has been made easier with the presence of our multilingual group of transcribers who are fully capable of doing transcriptions in different languages available around the world. Aside from this, we want to earn your entire trust and confidence with our 24/7 customer support team composed of well-versed and friendly customer service specialists who are always ready on board to give the best assistance that you actually deserve. Thus, if you have some inquiries and questions for our services, you may use our various support mediums like online chats, call back facility, and toll free hotline numbers in Australia, UK, and US.

Who Benefits from our Audio Transcription Service?

Audio Transcription Services are necessary and beneficial to a wide array of professionals today. There are students, research scholars, law practitioners, business and government people who need audio transcriptions for their school and work projects. With this, we provide consistent and safe audio transcription solutions online to our clients. Through time, we have even served 60,000 joyful clients and counting with our services. They always get the best transcripts that they expect from us. This is the primary reason why we constantly ensure that we give the ultimate satisfaction that they can ever get and at the same time we want to meet their expectation from us as well.

As an ISO certified company, we offer audio transcriptions with top notch quality and 98% accuracy. We always ensure this process through our impressive pool of multilingual transcribers who at all times are ready to handle your orders. As we enhance our virtual presence in giving outstanding quality of audio transcription services, we make certain that only exceptional and highly qualified transcribers remain in our growing network. They have been selected through a tremendous process to warrant their competencies of doing transcriptions. Their credentials and qualifications are carefully assessed to determine their suitability for the role. Because of these, they have become the main backbone as to why we have continued to be one of the top leading service provider among other audio transcription companies working online.

What Makes Us Unique From Other Transcription Service Companies?

We all know that various transcription companies are operating in the virtual world today. All have distinct features that make them different from others. Yet, we have always claimed that our audio transcription services are unique and efficient in such ways that you can experience hassle-free transactions with us. Wherever your locations are, we are always ready to provide effective solutions to your audio transcription hitches as we can do transcriptions in various foreign and native languages around the globe.Our audio and verbatim transcription services also come along with prompt delivery feature wherein you’ll get your finished output on time. Of course, as we are very serious in making you happy and fulfilled with our services, we always make to a point that we become your one-stop transcription provider. Thus, we accept rush and super rush orders in quick turnaround time options with your own work specifications.

When it comes to confidentiality issues, we constantly assure our clients of strict security control over their disclosed personal information and files. We have the latest security encryption system that fully protects our database from unauthorized access and online hackers. Aside from these, we have confidentiality agreements for all our transcribers to keep sensitive data secured.On the other hand, our accurate and high quality transcription from audio, works at affordable rates. Yes, we offer cheap audio transcription services which are suitable for your own budget. But, being cheap for us does not mean low quality. Although we have inexpensive rates, we always assure of superior results. These are usually helpful especially for students who need audio transcriptions for their projects. Along with our low-cost prices, we are also esteemed as we offer unlimited discount offers and hot freebies to enjoy. With us, you may experience huge savings for best quality transcriptions.

As we want to gain your full confidence and trust in doing business with us, we have continuously made fast and easy ways of employing our services. You don’t need to exert extra effort for your transactions to be worthwhile. All you have to do is simply upload your files in our secured server, and get your free quote for your confirmation. After we have received your go signal, we will then send your invoice for swift yet safe online payment procedures through Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal. From there, you’ll immediately receive your output through email or if you want, we can have the hardcopy mailed right after your doorsteps.

Our Audio Transcription Services are also user-friendly as we have our 24/7 Customer Support Team to assist you. We make sure that our approachable and informative customer service agents are always ready on board to help you with your inquiries. You may reach us through various means like online chat, call back options facility, and even toll free hotline numbers. So, what are you waiting for? Start entrusting your transcriptions with us!

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