World class transcription services at a low $0.99/min

Premium transcription services at your fingertips

Translation new 123 focus on client’s needs and providing high-quality transcription services all the time. As an ISO certified company, we keep abreast with cutting edge technology and maintain a pool of professional native transcribers to provide a quick turnaround time, 98% accuracy, and keep our rate at a low $0.99 per minute.

Whether it’s one or one hundred projects we always deliver on time in both English and non-English languages without sacrificing quality.

We offer two types of transcription services.

• Our verbatim transcription contains the whole deal of the audio text including

fillers, pauses, and background sounds.

• Tidied up transcription is a refined version eliminating unnecessary context,paragraphs are shorter but maintaining the message of the audio source.

Best transcription services in the industry

We just don’t say that our transcription services are the best, we prove it. Atestament to this is our more than 60,000+ satisfied clients and more than 70,000+  transcription projects that we had completed.Our stellar performance can be attributed to our customer friendly approach,continuous innovations in our work processes, and our focus on qualitytranscription services.

Transcription service ordering made simple

Our transcription service includes same language transcription or to any foreignlanguage.

Ordering our transcription services is easy as 123. Simply upload your file to oursecure FTP server, pay online, and receive a flawlessly transcribed document bymail. You will receive a free quote and a free trial sample within an hour togetherwith the other important details of your project.

Transcribing services that will fit your need

Know more of our transcribing services by connecting with our 24/7 livecustomer support. They aretrained in customer handling to provide a pleasant customer experience andaccurate answer to your inquiries.

We are one stop solution for all of your needs. Aside from transcription services,we deliver translation

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